Privacy policy

We believe that your data is yours.

Any data we hold is only for the purposes of providing a service via Orwell. We do not collect data for other uses, and will never, ever sell your data on.

What we collect

We collect the following data.

Github login

We track your login status, once you have logged into Orwell via Github. This allows us to keep you logged in to Orwell as you move around the app.

We do not record or store you login credentials (which are held with Github).

Counts of issues, pull requests and reviews on Github

To allow for quicker app updates, and to ensure compliance with Github app guidelines, we store a local copy of the number of issues, pull requests and reviews. We do not store information about those items, just the number.

Orwell only has access to the repos you grant permission for.

User tracking

To help us refine Orwell, especially in the beginning, we make use of user analytics. We store a cookie to record user visits.

Last updated 27th April 2020.